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01 Nov 2017





Hit and Miss on the table from your last bet, 
Chips diminish your ship is sinking you're sitting in it. 
Struck it lucky with the dealer in a past set, 
Thought you had it but folded quickly, you were holding fifties. 

Couple sugars in the free coffee, the rains gone but you're struggling to see properly, probably due to the dew in the room, its humid, feeling lucid, needa loosen the screws. 

The steams putrid, its got you taking a breath, looping your theme music, but keep losing,. Seem vacant in the ways you tried to say you'd prevent. You sound wasted, a slave to wages always chasing your debts. 

It makes you upset, the losses that you confront, the problem is you've lost touch, abolished all that was trust and honestly it got fucked. Wishing this ailment was physical, so at least then you could cash in on the clinical. 

Pitiful look in your eyes I see a pit to your soul, you seem crooked with lies there aint a winter this cold, let pill run the wheel once more, and get cut off, (cut off) back out those steel front doors 

I hear the click of the chips, see your eyes dart the room and you lickin your lips, call it hobby, you say its cheap entertainment but face it, when faced with a paycheck you aint one to take it, Double down 

Pineapple in the note reader, fingers and toes cross here's hoping for the feature, matching dragons, 4 scores the jackpot, snapshot finish can them bitches run the track or what. 
Sip the liquor then you pick your fixture, 
Slip the ticket in the bin and hope to fish it insta,
daunting like the voice of Money taunting in the 4th at Victor is the thought of heading home broke stinkin of the piss, uh 

the only difference with the next is umm, nothing you're just abusing ya cheques and more than ones suffering if you're confused then I guess you should at once confront it cos it's only you in the debt. 

Red or black, corner bet the second 12, awful when the debts collect, ya oughta go and get some help. I said you oughta go and get some help, cos best bets settled when the wallet stays beneath the belt.


Released November 1, 2017 
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Blasphemy (Etikats)


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